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Joran Lundh, the creator of Lascal, was born in the small Swedish town of Vänersborg in October 1946. Growing up in a loving household with one older sister, he went on to study engineering, followed by economics at University. At the age of 24, he was hired as a manager at a company that manufactured metal and wood building products. 

When he was 29, he founded Producta, a firm that designed and manufactured unique building products in Sweden and did marketing with a focus on Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 1985, he sold the company, and Lascal was founded two years later.

After becoming a parent, he became interested in baby products. He noticed the need for a more extensive selection of children’s products in Sweden and the demand for more actors. He subsequently established the Lascal company to distribute and retail foreign goods. The retail business, known as 1 Klass, was a subsidiary of Lascal. The store grew to be one of Sweden’s top ten most significant and was the country’s first to conduct true internet business.

He saw the importance of a brand mixed with a one-of-a-kind product, and when he recognized the need for something a toddler could ride in a vehicle with a younger sibling, he discovered the perfect product to design. There were no such items on the global market at the time. He developed the KiddyBoard®, followed by the BuggyBoard®, and began producing and marketing worldwide as the world’s lone manufacturer. After patents expired, various manufacturers began to imitate the original BuggyBoard, and it is now a popular device for parents with two children.

The next developed product, the KiddyGuard, the first rollable, retractable children’s safety gate, followed the same story. 

We know what the future holds for Lascal; our objective is to provide children’s items that are unique, innovative, and safe.

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