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The Lascal BuggyBoard® line includes several options to accommodate different needs and preferences.

The BuggyBoard® Mini is a compact and lightweight option that is ideal for use with umbrella strollers. It provides a smooth and safe ride for children while allowing full manoeuvrability for the caregiver.

The BuggyBoard® Maxi adds an extra-large anti-slip platform, higher ground clearance, and superior suspension to the design of the Mini. This allows for extra room for the caregiver’s feet, improved control over rough ground, and a secure grip for the child.

The BuggyBoard® Maxi+ offers children the option to sit or stand, with a foldaway saddle that can be neatly tucked away when not in use. The saddle can also be purchased as an accessory for 2011 BuggyBoard® Maxi models and easily attaches to the board with a specially designed, easy-fit clamp.

All of the BuggyBoard® models are compatible with most buggies on the market, and detailed fitting guides can be found on the Lascal website.

BuggyBoard® will fit most prams, strollers, buggies, travel systems, and single or double pushchairs. You can check how well it fits yours on

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