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Lascal is a design-led company with a small but distinctive children’s nursery equipment range. Our philosophy is to develop and manufacture high-quality products that fulfil an actual demand and contribute to the security of children’s environment.

Our most well-known product is the BuggyBoard®, an innovative, safe, and universal functional board that can be added to most strollers, allowing you to position your child between your arms for extra security even in the busiest of places. BuggyBoard® makes it easier when your toddler is too sleepy to walk or when you are in a hurry. 

KiddyGuard is a safety barrier that may be placed anywhere, even protecting from stairs. It is a sleek alternative to existing child gates as it takes no place when it’s not in use. The top model, Avant, and the Accent have brushed aluminium housings, which look great with white or black mesh; this clever guard will not clutter your home and is entirely child-proof when locked. When the KiddyGuard fully retracts, it disappears, leaving no thresholds you can trip over. KiddyGuard meets the EN standard, which most other retractable brands do not. Lascal is the original and the leader of retractable gates and will soon launch a new version with unique safety features (patent pending).

The Lascal m1CarrierTM is an innovative and ergonomic carrier that features the unique Infant M-SeatTM, a 3D contoured seat that provides complete leg support from hip to knee, allowing for the ideal ‘M-Position’ advised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for optimum hip growth – essential during the first 6 months. With our innovative Hip-ZipTM design, you can quickly switch from inside to outwards facing positions, while a headshield provides additional protection and comfort for newborns. Ergonomic padding on the shoulder straps, a broad waist belt, and an incorporated padded back support make carrying your infant effortless. Lascal follows the research about the youngest children’s ergonomic needs and is an International Hip Dysplasia Institute Research Partner.

Our m1Buggy stroller is designed for heavy-duty use and is suitable for kids weighing up to 22 kg (48.5 lbs.). It also has the smoothest ride ever. The flexible handle adjustment allows you to tailor the buggy to your height, even if you’re taller, while also creating extra walking space when pushing the stroller. It works seamlessly with the BuggyBoard when you need to take your toddler along for the ride.

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