Posted on: 18 January 2023 Posted by: Lucia Lundh Comments: 0

The Lascal m1Buggy™ is a versatile and comfortable stroller designed for kids up to 6 years old or weighing up to 22kg (48.5lbs). It features unique 3-position rotating handles with 3 angles and 2 grip positions to ensure maximum comfort for the caregiver, regardless of height.

The m1Buggy™ is approved for heavy-duty use and provides a smooth ride for the child. It also has handy height adjustment, with 12 handle positions available and the ability to switch mid-flow to suit the environment and maintain control. The flexible handle adjustment allows taller caregivers to tailor the buggy to their height, and the rotating handles help to adjust the angle to suit the stride, even when using a BuggyBoard®.

The m1Buggy™ has a comfortable seat for the child and is equipped with UV protection fabric, a pull-down canopy, and an integrated windbreak in the hood to handle any weather. The canopy can also be used in a cover position to provide a little shade for the child to sleep.

The m1Buggy™ is also compatible with all BuggyBoard® models and has integrated connectors for fast and easy attachment. For more information on the Lascal m1Buggy™ and its features, visit the BuggyBoard® website: 

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